Sunday, April 26, 2015

Broken Bones

Let’s Talk Broken Bones – Ouch!

Hello Writer Friends,
Ever had any characters break a bone in your books?  Well, I am expecting several villians to break a bone or two in my next Alex Destephano medical thriller.

Fractures can be tricky things and can also be hard to treat.  They are also extraordinarily painful with bone pain considered one of the most difficult types of pain to treat. If you witnessed any broken bones or suffered a few yourself, you know they can look pretty bad.  And I do mean bad and they can be very, very painful.

Just last summer, I slipped on a wet floor in my garage and broke both bones in my wrist and several bones in my hand.  My hand was literally on top of my wrist and covered part of my forearm. The ED doc took pictures. It was so awful and I’ll try to upload one for you.  In truth, it’s an image I’m trying hard to forget. 

Anyway, two surgeries later, one steel plate and 5 screws (the steel plate for my wrist cost $5,000 and one screw was $2,500) I can use my hand about 70% since surgery resulted in three numb fingers (yeah, bad news for a writer!) but it’s how I explain all of my typos.

Anyway, WebMD offers lots of great  medical info about any number of maladies and is a trusted source.  Check it out and see for yourself.

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