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Hello Everyone,

Many thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope you will be a regular visitor and make use of the resources we offer.  About me...well, I am a nurse and have many years of clinical and administrative experience.  I have worked in the ICU, ED, Neuro ICU, Medical & Surgery as well as Home Health. I have been a public health nurse and am currently a professor of nursing at a large university in the South.  My motivation to write what I know propels me to pull from my clinical experiences, some good, some not and use popular fiction as a means to advocate for others. My books have three purposes, to engage the reader, to entertain them but mostly to educate my readers about healthcare and perhaps, the darker side of hospital life.  I am sure many of you have discovered the educational underpinnings in my Alex Destephano medical thriller series.

I have graduate and doctoral degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia and have always been a writer although until recently most of it that has been published has been for the academic press.  I have authored textbooks, research studies, theoretical articles, policies and just about anything you can imagine needed in a clinical or educational environment.  But..I have always written, whether it be stories for my children or academic monographs.  When people say to me, "I don't read, I never have," I wonder how they have learned about the world.  Ever since I can remember, books have been my best friend and have provided me with knowledge and a glimpse into a world around me.

Anyway, that's enough about me.  Please let me hear from you and Happy Writing and Reading!

Best, Judith
January 2015

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  1. HI Judith,My name is Cathy Ojalvo and I won the Dr.Dude contest.I have 2 of your books -Chaos and The Imposter.I don't have a third book.Just today,I got my 3rd book from Anna and the Amazon card.I am not sure what I received from you but I thank you for the gifts and I look forward to reading them.I appreciate your help,Cathy