Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to the Writers' Medical Academy where I will be helping writers and anyone who is interested learn to write medical scenes correctly. Every couple of weeks I will be interviewing an expert in a specific area of medicine or health care and sharing the interview with you. I will also be discussing current issues in health care that are of interest to all of us. As I continue to conceptualize this blog space, please feel free to contact me at Judith Lucci to share your ideas. Until next time, Judith


  1. Judith, this looks fantastic! I look forward to following your posts. I am a nurse and author. If you'd like to interview me about my dual role I'd love to talk to you. Learn more about me on my blog Thank you! Marianne Sciucco

  2. Thanks, Marianne! I would love to interview you. I will pm you! Many thanks.. Judith